water pump

Water Pumps for Irrigation
During the past months southern Africa has experienced one of the worst droughts in history. Water pumps have become critical to survival.


Transport Medis

Medication Transport by Helicopter
It is often a great challenge for regional hospitals in Mozambique to supply their community health posts with medication.



Eye-Sight for Swaziland
There is an exceptionally large number of blind people in Swaziland. Cataracts are often the cause of blindness.


Salomao 1-640x400Brushing Teeth is Important - For Children in the Bush As Well
Salomao, a Mozambican, educates children in dental hygiene. Many of them have never seen a toothbrush before.


Nilsa 2-640x400Helper with a Big Heart
Nilsa Tembo puts her heart and soul into being a nurse. She especially looks forward to each outreach with Mercy Air.


«For me, over and over again it is amazing how fast we can access regions with the aid of the Mercy Air helicopter – regions which can almost only be reached by air. This way we can reach people who otherwise would not receive any help fast, unbureaucratically and with a lasting effect.»

leanna_ward Leanna Ward, nurse for tropical diseases, Mosambik

Mercy Air in Action

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