Established in 1991 Mercy Air is an independent Christian-humanitarian aid aviation service.
The organization provides safe, professional and cost effective aviation service to the wider humanitarian aid and mission community in southern Africa.

Mercy Air consist of the four country entities South Africa, USA, Sweden and Switzerland.
  • The headquarters are located in the northeastern part of South Africa in White River.

  • In addition the organization is represented in the United States of America, Sweden and Switzerland.

  • The growing organization maintains in addition to short term and local staff a crew of highly motivated pilots, mechanics and logisticians.
The goal of Mercy Air is to provide lasting aid to victims of natural and human disasters in the southern African region in a swift and un-bureaucratic manner.
  • In addition mercy air supports the ongoing efforts of various non-government organizations, recognized mission and church ministries as well as development agencies.

  • Evacuations due to political unrest or medical urgencies are executed in a swift and uncomplicated manner.

  • Mercy air is helping people in need without regard of their race, gender or religion.
Air Mercy Air has many years of flight experience in passenger and cargo transport. The organization has also been involved in medical support flights as well as evaluation and supply flights during disaster
  • The international staff use their talents to help the suffering, feed the hungry, aid the needy as well as supporting the weak and sick.

  • The Christian faith is the motivation for the various activities of all Mercy Air's staff.

  • Mercy Air is supported through voluntary donations, this assures that the poorest of the poor can be assisted.
From its base Mercy Air operates into the southern African region, namely Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, Swaziland and Madagascar.
  • Mercy Air’s membership in the Christian Aviation Alliance of Southern Africa (CAASA) assures the flights are planned and executed in an efficient manner to cover specific transport needs in the region.

  • The availability of both Aircraft and Helicopter offer the most flexible solution to even demanding transport needs.

  • Through the CAASA membership and network Mercy Air has access to an additional variety of aircraft to offer a large variety of transport solutions to the southern Africa region.


«Thanks to Mercy Air, as doctors we can access remote areas which are inaccessible by land.»

sara mungambaSara Mungamba, doctor in the regional hospital in Marromeu, Mazambique
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