A School for Luawe
Education is an important factor in the battle against poverty. In cooperation with the government, a new school was recently opened in Luawe.

Better prospects for the future
Mae Graca (33) is beaming all over her face. The mother of four brings her oldest two children to school. Something like this was unheard of in the whole region up to now. She is convinced: “Without education, our children have no chance in life. But with the help of Mercy Air, they are now learning arithmetic and to read and write.”

Villagers get involved
But before the lessons could start, a number of obstacles had to be overcome. At the beginning there where intensive talks with the government, to have a teacher dispatched to the remote region. Then, there was the help of the villagers needed: a small 'schoolhouse' had to be built.
A simple hut, built as a joint effort was inaugurated and is now serving its purpose. The children are excited and they follow the lessons attentively.

Crocodiles and Hippos
Luawe is situated in the vast Zambezi delta and is barely accessible overland. The Zambezi serves as the only means of transportation, but is very dangerous because of the many crocodiles and hippos. For this reason, Mercy Air brought the teacher and all the necessary school material to the remote region by air. Mae Graca is delighted: “Today is a day of joy! Thanks to this school, our children will have a better life, no longer doomed to be illiterate."


«Thanks to Mercy Air, as doctors we can access remote areas which are inaccessible by land.»

sara mungambaSara Mungamba, doctor in the regional hospital in Marromeu, Mazambique

Mercy Air in Action

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