Mosquito nets in the battle against malaria
There is still no protection provided by vaccination against malaria. But special mosquito nets have proven very effective. Mercy Air flew nets into the Zambezi Delta.


Deadly disease
Worldwide, a child dies of malaria every 30 seconds. Mosquito nets help to curtail this deadly disease. The World Health Organisation (WHO) assumes that through an area-wide use of such nets each year up to 500,000 children could be saved from death due to malaria.

Effective protection

The nets were provided by Unicef during a national campaign. During production, the nets were treated with insecticide that is harmless to human beings. Thereby a very effective protection against the deadly mosquito bites is achieved.

Nets for families

The destination for the nets was a very remote area in the Zambezi Delta. This area does not have any infrastructure – no road system. Therefore the transportation was only possible by air. Firstly the Mosquito nets were brought to Marromeu at the Zambezi River by trucks. There Mercy Air took over the further transport by air and distributed the nets to different villages. Due to this supply, 1,800 families received much-needed mosquito nets for the battle against malaria.


«Thanks to Mercy Air, as doctors we can access remote areas which are inaccessible by land.»

sara mungambaSara Mungamba, doctor in the regional hospital in Marromeu, Mazambique

Mercy Air in Action

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