Tuberculosis is advancing
The two fishermen Lucash and Eugenio got tuberculosis. Because of the contagiousness and it's danger those two men needed to be evacuated from the small village Tozani immediatly.


A common disease
Tuberculosis is a very common infectious disease, where most likely the lungs are affected. People whose immune system is weak are especially affected. Over 1.8 million people die of this disease every year – according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Treatment in the hospital

While Mercy Air was on one of their regular supply flights in this area of the Zambezi Delta, we heard about those two  critically ill men. We initiated evacuation immediately. Lucash (32) and Eugenio (37) were brought by our helicopter to the hospital in Marromeu. Both men had to be put under quarantine cause to the high risk of infection for other patients. At the same time they started intensive antibiotics therapy.

Back to work
By now both fishermen are back in their village. “We are very thankful for the help of Mercy Air“ points out Eugenio, who is father of five. “Traveling by canoe and walking, we would have taken more than three days to transport these two sick people. Who knows if we would have survived such an ordeal in our bad condition?“. In fact the Mercy Air helicopter only needed 16 minutes flight time for the distance from Tonzani to the hospital in Marrome


«It is very important for us that we can help and serve people who live in remote villages here in Mozambique in an integral way. We thank God for it and of course we also express our thanks to Mercy Air.»

elias_santos Elisas Santos, Employee of "Youth with a Mission - YWAM

Mercy Air in Action

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