New helicopter base operational
Thanks to the huge effort of our Mercy Air team and that of volunteers from Switzerland, the new base in the Zambesi Delta was put in operation. It is already being put to good use.

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Great joy
“The new Mercy Air base at the Zambezi is operational!” announced our helicopter pilot Matthias Reuter happily, just some weeks ago, from the operation area. “After the daily stresses and strains in this unreachable area, it is very important for us pilots to have a good place to rest and recover - especially in consideration of flight safety. “The living quarters are a real blessing”, says the 44 year old pilot from Steffisburg.

Professional help from Switzerland
The Mercy Air team, together with volunteer helpers and people from the community service in Switzerland rebuilt the containers at the base in South Africa. From there, they were transported by truck over the rough roads of Mozambique to the destination of Marromeu in the Zambezi Delta. The living quarter units were placed on prepared foundations and were connected to electrical power and water supplies of the Sena Sugar Company. The Sena Company has been supporting Mercy Air for a long time in this area and helps by providing the needed property at no charge.

Important location
Marromeu is considered the gateway to the Zambezi Delta. The only way to reach the remote villages is either by air, or by canoe (which takes several days and is pretty dangerous). Mercy Air has been supporting the peoples of this region for many years.


«The Mercy Air helicopter was an invaluable resource during our humanitarian response in Mozambique. The professionalism and support of the Mercy Air team went far beyond the call of duty, in delivering urgent equipment and supplies to affected communities in remote locations»

andrew_clarke Andrew Clarke, Oxfam GB

Mercy Air in Action

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