Helping their fellow countrymen
Laurenco Ribeiro is a doctor and has made it his business to help his fellow countrymen. For this reason, he regularly joins Mercy Air on trips to the remote villages. With this mode of air transport, he is able to oversee 14 villages in the South of Mozambique.


“In former times we had to journey for days in a 4X4”, says Dr. Laurenco Ribeiro (52). “After those long and very exhausting journeys we were so tired and shaken, that we couldn't consider treating the patients right away. We were losing precious time of caring”, says the local doctor. He is excited about the air transport of Mercy Air. “Thanks to the help from the air we can get the work of one week done in just one day. We are able to reach a lot more of my countrymen to provide medical treatment. My deepest gratitude is extended to all who help in this valuable work!”


«Mercy Air flew me to the hospital where I was operated immediately.»
victoria Victoria Tibembe, mother of three children, Mozambique

Mercy Air in Action

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