Allan and Des

Allan and Des Luus

Allan and Desire joined Mercy Air in 2009. Allan's Aeronautical Engineering degree, together with 25 years' experience in Aerospace project management is a good basis for his role as CEO at Mercy Air. Desire brought her experience in running a B&B, to heading up the Hospitality Ministry at Mercy Air.
John and Anne

John and Anne Herbert

John and Anne have been serving with Mercy Air since the 1995. Anne has 30 years of experience in education and heads up the education program supported by Mercy Air. John has more than 20 years’ experience in aviation as a pilot and mechanic and serves as Mercy Air’s chief pilot.

Holger and Maria

Holger and Maria Ziessler

Holger and Maria have been serving at Mercy Air since the year 2000. Holger has many years of Aircraft Maintenance experience on multiple aircraft types and is serving Mercy Air as chief engineer. Maria has been involved in Hospitality, organising flight programs and as a HIV -Aids counsellor.

Roger and Katy

Roger and Katy Pacholka

Roger and Katy have been with Mercy Air since 2011.  Roger is an M.D. Specializing in Emergency Medicine and Trauma as well as teaching medical Residents. Katy is an R.N. specializing in surgery and geriatric nursing with special training in Alzheimer's patients.  Roger and Katy serve as our Medical Directors for Mercy Air. 

Paul and Cathy

Paul and Cathy Middleton

Paul and Cathy joined Mercy Air in 2003. Paul has 18 years flying experience and is Mercy Air's Safety Officer. Cathy is a nurse/midwife and is also involved with Mercy Air's Hospitality Ministry.

Dean and Kaylene 1

Dean and Kaylene Yeoman

Dean & Kaylene joined Mercy Air June 2013 – having been previously involved in aviation mission in a number of African countries. Dean brings with him 40 years’ experience as helicopter engineer and pilot. Kaylene is an experienced teacher specialising in English as a second language and is involved in education ministry. Dean is ops manager for the MA helicopter program.

Shaun and Charlotte

Charlotte and Shaun Fredriksson

Charlotte joined Mercy Air in 2010 as hospitality administrator. In 2012 she took on the responsibility of financial officer as well. Her husband Shaun is a local artist and carpenter and brings his experience to Mercy Air by helping with building /maintenance projects.

Azarja and Renee 1

Azarja and Renee Groot

Azarja and Renee have served with Mercy Air since 2012. Azarja's degree in Aviation Science, combined with his experience as a flight instructor and Aircraft maintenance engineer have prepared him to meet Mercy Air's needs for pilot/mechanics. In addition to being a mother of 3 and home-schooling them, Renee, a trained Science teacher, is part of the Mercy Air hospitality team.


«Only thanks to Mercy Air we are able to help our population regularly and fast. This is extremely important in these days.»
eliza_manhisse Eliza Manhisse, development aid worker in Mozambique

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