New home for baby Fatima

Baby Fatima's mother died a few days after her birth. The baby is severely malnourished and urgently needs medical care. Mercy Air is helping.


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Family overwhelmed
Fatima was born the third child of her family in the remote village of Ibo in central Mozambique. Only a few days after her birth, her mother died. Her father was hopelessly overwhelmed with the baby. He already had two children to suddenly have to look after and he needed to work daily in the fields. In his desperation he handed the newborn over to grandma's care. But she too had several small children to look after, and she was already short of food. In her advanced age, nursing babies was no longer an option. Consequently Fatima lost weight drastically and got weaker and weaker. In the end, the eight month old girl weighed only 6,4lbs (2,9Kg). Her grandmother was desperate because Fatima was close to dying of starvation.

Mercy Air in Action
In the neighboring village a Mercy Air medical team is providing treatment. Many patients want to be seen on this day. As Fatima's grandmother hears about the help, new hope rises within her. She quickly decides to bring her granddaughter to the landing spot of the helicopter. Little Fatima gets examined by the nurse Livia Rosa de Alcantara. Fatima's malnourishment is now life threatening.

New home
The Mercy Air team decides to fly Fatima by helicopter to the base in Marromeu. There the baby is being nourished and cared for during the following few days. Fatima is recovering quickly and is gaining weight. But the baby can't stay at the flight base. For that reason the regional orphanage of Luabo is contacted. Thanks to the willingness of the people in charge, the little baby girl is accepted. “In Luabo Fatima will do well”, says nurse Livia Rosa and explains: “For the coming months Fatima will be staying there. She will be well nourished and well looked after. Once she is big and strong enough she will be taken back to her home village of Ibo.”



«Only thanks to Mercy Air we are able to help our population regularly and fast. This is extremely important in these days.»
eliza_manhisse Eliza Manhisse, development aid worker in Mozambique

Mercy Air in Action

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