Rescue flight for heart patient
Antonio has a severe heart condition. He would not survive the three day canoe trip to the next town. Mercy Air flies the patient to the hospital.

Rescueflight Antonio

No medical treatment
During its regular support flights in central Mozambique the Mercy Air helicopter also lands in the small village of Nkonde in the Zambezi delta. The people in this region are completely isolated and have no one else they can depend on. Basic medical care is non existent. Shortly after landing, pilot Dean Yeoman is called to attend to a patient. Antonio (34) is barely able to stand. After a few steps he is completely exhausted. He is short of breath and his legs and ankles are very swollen.

No doctors on board
There are no doctors on Dean Yeoman's support flight. Right away, via the satellite phone in the helicopter, he makes contact with a doctor of the nearest regional hospital of Marromeu. Based on the description of the symptoms, the doctor suspects a severe heart condition. The patient has to be hospitalized urgently. Two men from the village immediately assist Antonio to get to the helicopter. The flight to Marromeu only takes 18 minutes. With tears in his eyes Antonio thanks the pilot: “ I can't believe that you would come so far to see and help us forgotten people. I was sure I would have died within the next few days.”



«The Mercy Air helicopter was an invaluable resource during our humanitarian response in Mozambique. The professionalism and support of the Mercy Air team went far beyond the call of duty, in delivering urgent equipment and supplies to affected communities in remote locations»

andrew_clarke Andrew Clarke, Oxfam GB

Mercy Air in Action

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