Water pump for self-subsistence
The orphanage of Mucombeze in central Mozambique under the leadership of Pastor Mariano has received a new water pump. It plays an important role in the self-subsistence of the 31 children.

Waterpump 1

Thousands of orphans
In Mozambique each year thousands of children become orphans because of AIDS and malaria. Since there are only few state run orphanages, organizations like ASAM (Associaçao Amor Moçambique) take on the responsibility for these children without parents.

Mostly self-subsistence
Pastor Mariano Joao (in the picture at the back on the field) runs the orphanage of Mucombeze. He is happy about the new water pump: “Thanks to this simple pedal pump we are able to water our fields regularly. That way the children have fresh produce to eat even during dry season!”




«Thanks to Mercy Air, as doctors we can access remote areas which are inaccessible by land.»

sara mungambaSara Mungamba, doctor in the regional hospital in Marromeu, Mazambique

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