To Treatment By Wheelbarrow
Patients are being transported to the doctor by all kinds of means-in an emergency, even by wheelbarrow.

 Julia wheelbarrow

Insufficient availability of medical care
In the remote areas of Mozambique regular medical care is very rare.
Generally, patients are totally on their own. Hardly any bush village has a medical post with trained staff.
For this reason, Mercy Air regularly flies medical teams to those very remote  villages.
It normally takes quite a while until patients pour in from every direction. They often have to walk for many miles in scorching heat - despite their injuries.

Thankful for help
Such is the case for Julia from Mabondwene.
Due to a festering abscess on her left foot, the 51-year-old could hardly walk any more. She would not have managed the long way from her village to the place of treatment under the given circumstances. Without hesitation, her niece organized a wheelbarrow and brought her aunt to the helicopter landing area.
After the treatment the patient smiled, “Finally someone has helped me. For weeks I've been hoping for improvement. Now that my foot has been treated, I will be healed.” By wheelbarrow, Julia then was taken back to her home.



«For me, over and over again it is amazing how fast we can access regions with the aid of the Mercy Air helicopter – regions which can almost only be reached by air. This way we can reach people who otherwise would not receive any help fast, unbureaucratically and with a lasting effect.»

leanna_ward Leanna Ward, nurse for tropical diseases, Mosambik

Mercy Air in Action

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