Azolina Can Laugh Again
Azolina fell into an open fire due to an epileptic attack (fit). Mercy Air flew the seriously injured girl to the hospital.

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Open fires
Due to wide-spread poverty, people in the Mozambic_an bush regions are forced to cook their meals over an open fire. At dawn women and children commonly look for firewood. Later, cornmeal or manioc (cassava) mash is prepared.

Reoccuring attacks
Azolina helps her mother with the preparation of their meal.
She lives in the remote village of Somari in central Mozambique. She attends school there as much as possible, but the 15-year-old suffers badly from epileptic attacks. Again and again, she faints and falls to the ground.

Severe burns
It happened on that day, too. Azolina had made a fire and had started to cook the food. Suddenly, she passed out and fell backwards into the open fire. The burns on her back were extensive and, consequently, extremely painful.
Since there is no wound treatment available in the whole village, her wounds soon become inflamed.

Rescue by helicopter
Not long after this accident, Mercy Air did several supply flights near Azolina's village and was asked to fly to Somari. The girl was in critical condition. She was running a high fever and was very apathetic. Right away, Azolina was flown to the hospital of Marromeu. There her severe burns were treated. In addition, Azolina was given medication to help with her seizure disorder.
Ten days later, Azolina was discharged from the hospital and was able to return to her village. She is smiling again: “I feel like newly born. My wounds on my back are healing well, and I have finally received medication for my illness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”



«For me, over and over again it is amazing how fast we can access regions with the aid of the Mercy Air helicopter – regions which can almost only be reached by air. This way we can reach people who otherwise would not receive any help fast, unbureaucratically and with a lasting effect.»

leanna_ward Leanna Ward, nurse for tropical diseases, Mosambik

Mercy Air in Action

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