Helper with a Big Heart
Nilsa Tembo puts her heart and soul into being a nurse. She especially looks forward to each outreach with Mercy Air.


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Long-standing partnership
For many years  there has been good team work between the regional hospital (Bela Vista) and Mercy Air. On a regular basis, teams from this hospital take part in medical aid flights in southern Mozambique. Nilsa Tembo is very often on board as part of the crew. She greatly enjoys working and flying in the orange-white rescue helicopter.

Hardly accessible
“Our regional hospital has got the task of looking after the people in the Matutuine district and caring for their medical needs,” explains Nilsa Tembo. “We used to be out and about on 4x4's for days. Even so, many villages could not be reached at all or only after hours of hiking. We were only able to take along a small amount of medicine because we had to carry it all,” says the young nurse.
“Now Mercy Air takes us right to the villages; which means we can treat three times as many patients in one day. What a blessing, especially for the people in the far spread-out bush villages,” says the nurse happily.



«Mercy Air flew me to the hospital where I was operated immediately.»
victoria Victoria Tibembe, mother of three children, Mozambique

Mercy Air in Action

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