Brushing Teeth is Important - For Children in the Bush As Well
Salomao, a Mozambican, educates children in dental hygiene. Many of them have never seen a toothbrush before.


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“Doctor Salomao is coming!” the children shout in the bush village of Zolombane in southern Mozambique. Salomao is not a dentist with a doctor's degree. The 26-year-old was educated through a government program in dental hygiene. He now does basic dental treatment and runs education programs for Mozambicans. Salomao is very passionate about his work. He wants to share his knowledge and especially teach children about mouth and dental hygiene. He is very well aware of the fact that bad teeth can be life-threatening in the African bush.
Salomao often takes part in Mercy Air outreaches in the southern part of Mozambique. In this way, during one week he can visit several remote villages per day. “The flying service of Mercy Air is unique,” he joyfully proclaims. “This is the only way I can reach several dozens of patients daily and can help them in a practical way.”



«Mercy Air flew me to the hospital where I was operated immediately.»
victoria Victoria Tibembe, mother of three children, Mozambique

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