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Mercy Air flies to those who can't be reached any other way.

Artemisia_TeeNot much interest for fighting malaria
Pharmaceutical companies are not very interested in controlling malaria because of the low return on very expensive research and development work. For this reason we are focused on a tea extract which is available in this area and is obtained from the Artemisia plant. This tea alleviates the symptoms of the illness significantly, utilizing a natural base. Read more...

moscitonets_in_heliFighting Malaria
In the isolated Zambezi delta village of Luawe, mothers may tell their children of a day to be remembered: “May 11th 2010 was when for the first time ever in the history of our  village, we not only heard about, but were actually given mosquito nets for each family". 



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«Only thanks to Mercy Air we are able to help our population regularly and fast. This is extremely important in these days.»
eliza_manhisse Eliza Manhisse, development aid worker in Mozambique

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