Help from above:

Mercy Air flies to those who can't be reached any other way.

Basis_Marromeu_1New helicopter base operational
Thanks to the huge effort of our Mercy Air team and that of volunteers from Switzerland, the new base in the Zambesi Delta was put in operation. It is already being put to good use. Read more...
Laurenco_RibeiroHelping their fellow countrymen
Laurenco Ribeiro is a doctor and has made it his business to help his fellow countrymen. For this reason, he regularly joins Mercy Air on trips to the remote villages. With this mode of air transport, he is able to oversee 14 villages in the South of Mozambique. Read more...


«The Mercy Air helicopter was an invaluable resource during our humanitarian response in Mozambique. The professionalism and support of the Mercy Air team went far beyond the call of duty, in delivering urgent equipment and supplies to affected communities in remote locations»

andrew_clarke Andrew Clarke, Oxfam GB
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